Water treatement technologies for the oilfield

Water Treatment

Millions of gallons of fresh, produced, and flowback water are used to perform hydraulic fracturing. Those various sources may not be compatible with each other or with formation fluids and minerals. Therefore, scale prevention is extremely important for proper fracturing fluid treatment. Fluid and formation incompatibility can lead to severe scaling issues that can permanently damage a well or lead to high remediation costs.


Bosque Systems has developed and patented technologies to:

  • Sterilize water, by removing bacteria, before it gets injected for hydraulic fracturing with DIONIX™ Mobile
  • Enhance oil recovery at an SWD facility with DIONIX™ Stationary
  • Prevent scale to form, at an SWD site or before water is injected for hydraulic fracturing with ScaleStop™
  • Significantly reduce sulfate concentration when using brackish water with AnCat™ technologies, designed to fit-to-size no matter the volume to treat
  • Remove emulsified oil, total petroleum hydrocarbons, suspended solids, and heavy metals in water (MWR)

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