Bosque systems specializes in the design and production of water treatment technologies


Our technologies include:

- Bacteria sterilization with Chlorine Dioxide – DIONIX™

     - Superior Biocide, 100% kill of microorganisms

     - Mobile technology, cost-effective, at or below cost of traditional solutions

     - EPA* registered Green solution


- Scale inhibitor – ScaleStop™

     - Superior scale treatment from a leader in the oil and gas water management and water treatment industry

     - Superior tagged polymer scale inhibitor for maximum protection of the formation and wellbore

     - Rapid residual analysis for flowback monitoring

     - High thermal stability capable of withstanding temperatures up to 375°F

     - Mounted on a 10ft bumper-pulled trailer for mobility

     - Ease of deployment, use Bosque Systems scale inhibitor solution in combination with DIONIX™ bacterial control for a more

       complete treatment


- Sulfate scale prevention – AnCat™

     - Up to 98% sulfate removal, perfect for brackish water treatment

     - Operates 24/7 with no downtime even when necessary maintenance is performed

     - AnCat can be used to target specific components in the water, other than sulfate such manganese, calcium, and total dissolved solids

     - Can be designed to “fit-to-size” without limitations on the volume of water it treats

     - Unit can be remotely monitored and allows for data to be sent to any computer in real time. “


- Solids and Iron removal – MWR

     - Removal of suspended solids, heavy metals and other contaminants in produced/flowback water

     - The mobile lab is capable of sampling for and testing virtually all relevant parameters, including pH, ORP, turbidity, bacteria count,

       and metals.



Hydraulic fracturing is a process of stimulation of rock formations or shales used to ensure a more efficient recovery of oil or natural gas from deep layers of the earth. This process uses millions of gallons of water from various sources. Those sources may not be compatible with each other, with the formation fluids and minerals, or the fracturing package. Therefore, water treatment has become critical to not only allow the compatibility of different sources of water, but also to increase the amount of produced, flowback and brackish water used for hydraulic fracturing.

DIONIX unit on location at an Oklahoma oil field

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