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Sulfate Scale Prevention

Ion Exchange Filtration

AnCat™   – Brackish water treatment


In some markets, brackish water can be a sustainable source. The Permian and Cline regions in particular, where the drought in the past years has put a stress on freshwater sources, produced and flowback water may not be sufficient. Our goal is to reuse 100% of produced and flowback water from an operator, but sometimes, additional volumes are required. Brackish water is moderately saline water (not as salty as seawater), and has many advantages, as it is very abundant in some oil and gas producing regions. However, brackish water represents a challenge as it contains elements that require removal to make this source frac-ready. One of the major issues to overcome with this brackish water is its high content in sulfate. If the sulfate combines with barium and strontium (elements that are found in underground water lying alongside underground oil and gas formations), the sulfate scale can damage the well. Bosque Systems removes the sulfate during the treatment process with a cost-effective, safe technology. We call it AnCat™.


Typical performance / effectiveness of AnCat™   with various contaminants:

*Note that each situation may differ in results observed

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