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Bosque’s MWR uses an electro coagulation (EC) process that simultaneously removes heavy metals, suspended solids, and many other contaminants from water through electrochemical oxidation and reduction reactions. The EC process passes contaminated water in a layer between metal electrodes charged with a direct electrical current. The plate material is discharged, as molecules, into the stream where ionic and non-ionic contaminants are subjected to the electrical charge, electrolysis products, and the plate elements.



     - On-Site cleaning of water for reuse

     - Removal of suspended solids, heavy metals and other contaminants in produced/flowback water

     - Water conservation and an environmental solution

     - Cost savings by eliminating disposal fees and reducing water hauling and freshwater expenses

     - Bosque has worked with operators to use up to 100% recycled production and flow-back water on hydraulic fracturing

        of new wells

     - The mobile lab is capable of sampling for and testing virtually all relevant parameters, including pH, ORP, TDS,

       turbidity, bacteria count, and metals



     - 500 bbl frac tanks for offloading produced and/or flowback water*

     - MWR Unit (52’ Trailer)

     - One (1) Weir Tank

     - Two (2) 500 bbl Settling Tanks

     - 500 bbl frac tanks for storing clean water*

       *Amount of tanks depend on daily volume to be treated

Bosque’s MWR System Specifications


     - Capabilities: Up to 600 gpm flow rate through MWR Unit

     - Control: Touch screen control panels and monitoring equipment in control room

     - Power: Mobile unit runs off of diesel generator

     - Programmable Logic Controller: Multiple system monitors and automatic shut-down safety features  throughout process

     - Static Mixer Capability: On the effluent line we have a static mixer where we can inject additional additives to either

       reduce other water elements or disinfect water

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