ScaleStop, Scale inhibitor Unit

Scale Inhibitor

ScaleStop™ 54: Bosque Systems’ proprietary solution for scale inhibition made specifically for hydraulic fracturing.

Millions of gallons of fresh, produced, and flowback water are used to perform hydraulic fracturing. Those various sources may not be compatible with each other or with formation fluids and minerals. Therefore, scale prevention is extremely important for proper fracturing fluid treatment. Fluid and formation incompatibility can lead to severe scaling issues that can permanently damage a well or lead to high remediation costs.

The fracturing fluid is treated on-site using a custom header prior to being blended with other fracturing compounds to allow for proper mixing. The injection method is a metered, controlled, and supervised process. ScaleStop works to inhibit the crystallization of mineral scales which if left untreated will agglomerate and form larger scale particles, which can plug and foul the formation, tubulars, and downstream vessels.



     - Superior scale treatment from a leader in the oil and gas water management and water treatment industry

     - Superior tagged polymer scale inhibitor for maximum protection of the formation and wellbore

     - Rapid residual analysis for flowback monitoring

     - High thermal stability capable of withstanding temperatures up to 375°F

     - Mounted on a 10ft bumper-pulled trailer for mobility

     - Ease of deployment and management through a single point of contact

     - Use Bosque Systems scale inhibitor solution in combination with DIONIX™ bacterial control for a more complete      treatment of hydraulic fracturing fluids



     - 10ft long, 2-axle, bumper-pulled trailer

     - 2-IBC totes of chemicals

     - Diesel generator with an 18-hour life

     - 110v electric cord - Can switch from generator to “line in power” from any electrical source

     - Electric chemical metering pump

     - Up to 200 feet of injection line

     - Recommended treating rate of .125-.150 gpt or 125-150ppm

      (May be higher depending on water quality)

Scale Inhibition


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