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Saltwater Disposal

Bosque Systems provides targeted production-based disposal wells and gathering systems for the top oil and gas well operators who have expressed a critical need for additional saltwater disposal well capacity.

Integrated and Stand Alone Gathering System Solutions


Bosque Systems utilizes speed and efficiency to specialize in turn-key gathering system construction. Our team will project manage design, right of way acquisition, material procurement, construction and testing of the gathering system to ensure a product that exceeds expectations.


These systems allow operators to realize reduced transport costs and reduce truck traffic. Bosque optimizes the location of its disposal wells by discussing possible locations with operators prior to acquiring land and applying for a permit. This ensures lower transport costs for the gas well operators and less road damage for the surrounding communities. Currently, many leading oil and gas well operators have built pipelines to Bosque’s wells, minimizing even more transport costs and road damage from excess trucking.


Did you know?

Oil recovery at an SWD facility is an important topic; oil carried over into a well can reduce drastically its performance, plugging the injection tubing and other equipment. Also, any bacteria injected downhole may contribute to corrosion, and H2S related issues that can reveal expensive through time.


Bosque Systems’ DIONIX stationary advantages include:

 - Increase revenue by recovering up to 95% of oil at swd


 - Cost-effective, superior biocide that kills 100% of


 - Protect facilities by oxidizing Iron Sulfide

 - Peace of mind remote monitoring and control

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