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Bosque Systems is the largest independent water management focused contractor to oil and gas operators in the U.S. The company has treated and managed millions of barrels of produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators.

Bosque Systems’ expertise with the logistics of gathering, storing, treating flowback and produced water allows for significant advantages. The benefits include:

  • Reduce or eliminate usage of fresh water
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate truck traffic and damages on roads by using gathering and pipelines network
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for disposal
  • Recycling may be at or below the cost of using fresh water, depending on the cost of fresh water, transportation and disposal cost
  • Bosque Systems has permitted the reuse of millions of barrels or water and determine a specific solution depending on the location, drilling schedule, and water quality available

A typical set up can be represented as follows:

tanks used in the reuse and recycling of water for the oil and gas industry

Did you know?

In the Wolfcamp play, considered as possibly the largest oil and gas discovery in the world, the company is leading the charge to allow operators to reuse 100% of their flowback and produced water, thus minimizing fresh water withdrawal and drastically reducing truck traffic in the region by using pipeline across fields. The company leases land and sets up BAT™ tanks, containing up to 40,000 bbls of recycled water, and other equipment to capture, treat, and make this water available for the operator. In this region, Bosque Systems allows for blending up to 30% recycled and treated water within producers’ operations.  One customer in the region commented: "We're using 100 percent of the produced water we have.  If we were producing more water, we'd use it." The produced water is mixed with fresh water at the well site. To date, the same operator has used about 3,000,000 barrels (about 126 million gallons) of recycled water, which, without this initiative, would have been all freshwater. Blended water has helped complete over 82 wells in the Eldorado portion of the Wolfcamp since April.

Yet another benefit is realized in reduced disposal. "One of our customers was planning to build 13 SWD (saltwater disposal wells) within a short timeframe. By engaging in recycling, this customer revised its plans and only kept three SWD on their drilling schedule due to recycling 100 percent of its flowback water through our systems,"



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