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Pressure Pumping


Bosque takes a consultative approach to water management, creating tailored solutions from a suite of experience, in-house customized technologies and chemistries to suit even the worst well conditions. Our innovative pumping services help operators increase revenue with cost-effective methods that boost reservoir productivity. Using customer data, we develop solutions that allow operators to see and understand the Bosque advantage.


We provide the following pressure pumping services in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and North Dakota.

  • Well Shock
  • General well remediation
  • Clean outs (SWD, injection wells, production strings)
  • Toe prep
  • Pump down
  • DFIT (Diagnostic fracture injection test)
  • DIONIX surfactant jobs
  • Acid surfactant jobs
  • Shifting sleeves
  • Opening/closing zones
  • Pills

Well Shock

Traditional acid jobs only rectify a portion of the solids, scale and bacteria in a well, leaving issues unmitigated and untapped potential revenue to be gained. Bosque’s Well Shock solution – acidization plus our proprietary DIONIX equipment, technology and customized well designs – removes those barriers and blockages to unlock that potential and change the decline curve. Well Shock restimulates existing wells, boosts productivity and makes wells profitable once again.

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