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Bosque Systems History

2007 – 2010: The Beginning Years of Bosque Systems Joe Mitchell, Chairman, and Clane LaCrosse, CEO and President of Bosque Systems, founded the company in 2007 while noting some significant changes in the Barnett shale’s oil and gas industry. At the time, a robust gas production activity created a need for additional Saltwater Disposal capacity in the region. The company built its first Saltwater Disposal “Bosque” in Cresson Texas and operations began in 2008. From 2008-2010, 3 more SWDs (Rose, Luna, and Sophia) were added in the Barnett Shale. Under Clane’s leadership, the company was able to be profitable within the 3rd month of operation, a remarkable achievement in this industry and market due to the high capital expenditure and investment cost. 2010 – 2013: Expansion into other regions and the DIONIX™ breakthrough After the success in the Barnett, Clane LaCrosse spent the next years developing Bosque Systems, from a start-up to its current fast growing state operation. As part of the growth strategy, the company has extended its operations to 2 SWD sites in North Dakota (the Justin and the Jessica) and in parallel, 2 sites in the Eagle Ford shale (the Natalie and the Hunter). Strong of the SWD successes, the company was now ready to expand into other services and strengthen its position as a full water management expert. Due to the expansion of the hydraulic fracturing method, oil and gas operators became very dependent on water for their drilling activities. Most of this water comes from surface water sources such as area lakes, ponds, rivers, and municipal supplies (mostly freshwater) and has historically been a one-time use. This has led to water recycling (produced and flowback) becoming an important topic because of the increase in oil and gas production in North America coupled with freshwater shortages and other environmental concerns. With recent droughts over the previous 5 years, oil and natural gas operators have been seeking alternative sources to freshwater to be used in aiding their production, minimizing their ecological impacts. This paradigm shift has been enabled by companies like Bosque Systems which adopted a consultative approach with operators and developed a solution based business model to assist oil and gas operators source economically viable water and provide greener solutions with recycling. In addition to water recycling, water treatment also became highly important to the hydraulic fracturing process. Water from various sources may not be compatible with each other or with formation fluids and minerals. Therefore, bacteria removal, solid removal, and scale prevention is extremely important for proper fracturing fluid treatment. To address the bacteria issue and the formation of H2S at oil and gas production sites, Bosque Systems introduced DIONIX™ to eradicate the presence of bacteria within the sources of water used for hydraulic fracturing. This very successful launch allowed the company to expand from disposal to treatment and then recycling. Early in 2013, the company invested in the Solution Business with the creation of a Solutions Department. Its goal is to develop deep relationships with our potential customers and customers to study their drilling regions and goals, water sourcing strategies, capabilities and cost to assist them in a long-term full life cycle study of their needs and respond with high level, customer oriented operational processes that will reduce costs for the operators, and enhance their performance while campaigning for more environmentally friendly water management. 2014: The future of Bosque Systems Stronger because of its successes and growth, the company launched several new technologies, including ScaleStop™ (scale inhibitor) and AnCat™ (ion exchange). These launches served to reinforce its position as a leader in the full life cycle management of the water for oil and gas operators. All this brought significant growth and new opportunities for the company and for you, our employees. This growth also brought recognition from INC. Magazine and garnered founder Clane LaCrosse the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Southwest Region Clear Tech Category. 2015: The Trying Time of the Oil & Gas Industry Even the precipitous drop in oil prices could not stop Bosque from yet another major technology release. Under the OptiFluids™ system company experts design a frac fluid mix tailored to the conditions in each well so producers are no longer required to use a “standard” fluid mix supplied by horsepower providers. This saves up to 30% on frac fluid costs. 2016: Light at the End of the Tunnel Never satisfied with standing still even in down times, in February Bosque Systems launched an ambitious native advertising campaign with Hart Energy E&P. Hart is the largest energy publisher in the US. This campaign is expected to generate tens of thousands of impressions across Hart websites and social media, bringing more opportunities to our company.

Time line


 • May:

Bosque Systems founded


 • January:

Start of Barnett Operations

Bosque SWD

 • June:

Start of Barnett Operations at Rose SWD


 • April:

Start of Barnett Operations at Luna SWD

 • September:

Start EC water treatment in WV and PA


 • April:

Start EC water treatment in AR

 • December:

Start of Barnett Operations at

Sophia SWD


 • November:

Start of Bakken Operations at

Justin SWD



 • February:

Eagle Ford Operations at Natalie SWD begin

Launch of DIONIX

First yearly contract signed, start of operations in Permian

 • April:

First DIONIX trial in Oklahoma

 • June:

Six DIONIX units in operation

Total of >5MM barrels treated in first half of 2012

 • July:

First DIONIX trial in Eagle Ford

 • August:

Start of Eagle Ford Operations at Hunter SWD

 • November:

Start of Bakken Operations at Jessica SWD

Yearly total of 28MM barrels treated with 23 DIONIX units now in the market

 • January:

New yards acquired in Permian and Oklahoma

 • February:

Creation of Solutions department

 • March:

Two 42K BBL BAT tanks installed on Orellana project (San Angelo)

Start of Eagle Ford Operations at Creek SWD

 • June:

40 DIONIX units now in operation

Total of >54MM barrels treats in first half of 2013

 • November:

Introduction of ScaleStop operations in Eagle Ford

Yearly total of 121MM barrels treated with 47 DIONIX units now in the market


 • February:

Introduction of AnCat operations in San Angelo

 • March:

Operations begin in Wyoming and New Mexico

 • June:

Clane LaCrosse awarded E&Y Entrepreneur of the year 2014 Southwest Region

 • August:

Bosque Systems listed at #951 on INC 5000

Year total of 121MM barrels treated with 65 DIONIX units now in the market


 • August:

Release of OptiFluids™ technology

 • September:

Bosque Systems featured in PBOG Magazine discussing unknowns of SWD wells

 • October:

Bosque Ranked #9 on Dallas Business Journal Middle Market 50 fastest growing DFW companies



 • February:

Launch of native advertising campaign in Hart E&P



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