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While DIONIX chlorine dioxide is unmatched by other biocides as an immediate kill biocide, water injected at different stages in the well completion process can reintroduce bacteria to the formation. Any untreated water or fluids that have been introduced to the formation contain bacteria and lead to issues downhole. Although chlorine dioxide is a superior fast acting biocide, it can not treat bacteria that has been introduced after the original treatment. This dilemma has led to the inception of an extended control add-on for



Combined with DIONIX, the add-on ‘XC’ forms DIONIX-XC, offering a complete biocide program that combines an efficient oxidizer, ‘DIONIX’, and the correct non oxidizer, ‘XC’, fed at the appropriate dosage with a life of the well monitoring and reporting program. This combination of products and services, DIONIX-XC, provides the highest return on investment for biocide spend in the industry.

Well Drilling and Completion Process

"Multiple entry points for bacteria exist outside of the frac"

  • So, Why DIONIX–XC?

    • Bacteria problems can jeopardize the well and result in the need to pull tubing, at a cost of more than $75,000
    • every 6 months
    • Bacteria infestations can affect the integrity of the wellbore and surface
    • production equipment
    • The presence of bacteria has the potential to corrode tubulars, process
    • equipment, and pipelines used in the production of oil and natural gas
    • The following bacterial issues can cause tubing to be pulled as often as
    • every 6 months:
      • Induced well damage
      • Reservoir conductivity and emulsion problems
      • Bacteria degradation of the gels, polymers, etc.
      • When using conventional biocides reservoir souring can occur in as little as 1-3 months
    • As an IMMEDIATE-KILL biocide, the effectiveness of ClO2 is unmatched by other biocides, but water injected
    • at different stages in the well completion process can reintroduce bacteria to the formation
    • Formation & untreated water introduce bacteria at multiple points
    • (ClO2 Quick Kill) + (untreated fluids with no instant kill) = (eventual bacteria down hole)
  • DIONIX–XC benefits

    • Provides superior long-term bacteria control downhole
    • Eliminates both naturally occurring formation bacteria and bacteria which has been introduced into the formation during any operation outside of the hydraulic fracturing process
    • When high levels of bacteria are reintroduced into a water sample that has been treated with DIONIX – XC, bacteria levels can be driven down to manageable levels within 7 days from initial contact
    • Combined with DIONIX™, this biocide provides the most effective solution to maintain the health of the reservoir
    • Peace of mind long-term monitoring system capability
    • Increases well ROIs by decreasing overall cost of services
    • Protects well investments by:
      • Preventing plugging of pipeline, pumps and filters
      • Reducing downhole pressures
      • Sterilizing water before injection
      • Providing long-term monitoring
  • Regular monitoring of bacteria levels will ensure well quality is maintained

    • Bosque’s goal is to maintain the Health and Wellbeing of the reservoir
    • By monitoring bacteria levels, produced water characteristics and well performance, Bosque can forecast and design re-treatment programs to control bacteria levels
    • Bosque will possess knowledge of what chemicals have been pumped into the reservoir, how the reservoir has reacted and what treatment methods need to be altered, preventing the need for capital-intensive workovers
    • Overall, these treatment methods will lead to less bacteria growth and a reduction in expenses

Long Term Health and Wellbeing

of the Reservoir

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