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Water is an essential component for oil and natural gas production during both the drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes. Most of this water comes from surface water sources such as area lakes, ponds, rivers, and municipal supplies. Historically, the water used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing has been a one-time use. Water recycling (produced and flowback) became an important topic because of the increase in oil and gas production in North America, coupled with fresh water shortages. With recent droughts over the previous 5 years, oil and natural gas operators have been seeking alternative sources of water to be used in aiding their production to minimize their ecological impacts. When using alternative sources, for example produced, flowback and/or brackish water, top oil and gas operators rely on Bosque Systems to provide safe, cost-efficient technologies to help treating water that would not be suitable to the formation or the fracturing package if left untreated.

Bosque Systems’ DIONIX™ technology is the safest way to produce Chlorine Dioxide on-site. It is also the most effective biocide that reacts within seconds, and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a green biocide when used at specified level and below.


The Advantages


     - Extremely effective biocide (ClO2) that reacts within seconds

     - Redundant safety shutdowns throughout the unit

     - Does not disrupt the frac chemistry

     - Very economical to use

     - Compact mobile trailer, no facilities to build on-site, or stationary unit for Saltwater Disposal Facilities


Treating bacteria is essential to water quality as they affect the fracing fluid characteristics, and may result in reducing the wells' life expectancy and performance due to:


     - Microbial Influenced Souring (MIS)

     - Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

     - Plugging of pipelines, injection wells, pumps, filters

     - Emulsion Problems


The Bosque Difference


     - ClO2 is recognized by the EPA as a registered green biocide.

     - Utilizes a safe two precursor chemical rather than a three. Only Biocide known to kill bacterial spores.

     - Generators are redundant and only use suction from inlet water via motive pump to create a Venturi effect.

     - Does not chlorinate the water like other ClO2 units.

     - Does not harm frac gels and or borate cross-linkers.

     - Has redundant safety shutdowns throughout the unit.

     - Does not use Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) which is being singled out as the culprit in the frac chemistry disruption

       due to the generation of Trihalomethanes (THMs) in the fluids.

Key Performance Indicator Report

Your dedicated Bosque Systems sales representative and our technical services team will meet with you on a monthly basis to review our performance and provide recommendations and solutions. As part of our service commitment and dedication, Bosque Systems believe that we have the responsibility to stand behind our performance and report back to our customers our results and achievements. Building relationships into partnerships based on trust is our aim!

DIONIX™ Mobile Unit

Bosque’s DIONIX™ system produces high purity chlorine dioxide through the controlled reaction of sodium chlorite, hydrochloric acid, and potable water. Chlorine dioxide is used in many industrial water treatment applications as a biocide. It is less corrosive than chlorine and superior for the control of legionella bacteria. One of the primary benefits of using chlorine dioxide is that it reacts less with organic matter present in the water, thus minimizing the formation of trihalomethanes. DIONIX’s™ two precursor system is the safest way to generate chlorine dioxide on-site.


Bosque’s DIONIX™ system produces high purity chlorine dioxide.

Benefits include:


     - EPA approved biocide for bacteria treatment in water

     - Effective, fast-reacting biocide that is environmentally friendly and has a longer residual than traditional bleach

       based biocides

     - DIONIX™'s process is the safest way of generating chlorine dioxide on site, with numerous safety shutdown

       components and procedures

     - Two precursor chemical design utilizes less harmful chemicals and is more cost-effective than traditional

       solutions and other chlorine dioxide systems

     - Convenient and mobile 30' DIONIX™ trailer allows for small footprint on pad site. The DIONIX™ system is also

       available as a stationary unit for treating Saltwater Disposal Facilities and reserve pits.

DIONIX™ Stationary Unit

Bosque Systems, the industry leader in chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology for oil & gas, is a pioneer in treatment for Saltwater Disposal Facilities (SWD).  Our specialized DIONIX™ stationary units are giving clients proven results and peace of mind.

DIONIX™ at SWDs achieves the following performance gains:


     - Decreases surface tension of the water and increases the amount of recoverable oil at an SWD,

        allowing for a better economic return on our customers’ investments

     - Achieves safe and effective kills of all microorganisms, including Sulfate Reducing Bacteria

       (SRBs) and Acid Producing Bacteria (APBs) preventing microbial influenced souring and corrosion

     - Reduces the level of iron sulfide and drops out high levels of ferric iron in SWD water

     - Can prevent down-hole pressure issues by reducing injection of iron sulfide and biomass, as

        well as oil carryover plugging of pipelines, injection headers, wells, pumps, and filters

Iron Reduction: a byproduct of SRB generated H2S


Iron in SWD water can also pose problems for the facility and the formation.  Iron sulfide (FeS), a byproduct of SRBs, can plug and foul equipment and cause major oil/water interface issues at an SWD. Chlorine dioxide not only kills SRBs, and APBs, it also oxidizes iron sulfide, converting FeS into inert ferric iron (i.e. “rust”).


Bosque Systems’ DIONIX™ stationary unit can properly drop ferric iron out of the water in the settling tanks, reducing potential for down-hole iron precipitation. This can reduce the risk of down-hole pressure at the SWD. Ferric iron can then be easily disposed of or even used as a salable byproduct at Salt Water Disposal Facilities.


Oil Recovery


Bosque Systems’ results with ClO2’s effect on oil recovery have yielded dramatic results.  Overall, data indicates that a regiment of ClO2 treatment, in addition to the positive results on bacteria and iron mitigation, can increase oil recovery up to 95%.  Chlorine dioxide’s unique properties help decrease surface tension of the water (reducing oil carryover), thus increasing overall recoveries.


Typical results with DIONIX Stationary

note: not all results may be the same

Bacteria Kills


Sulfate-Reducing and Acid-Producing Bacteria pose the same threats for SWDs as they do for a typical oil and gas well.  Over time, these bacteria can potentially compromise the integrity of the down hole tubulars, leading to expensive, long-lasting biomass and iron sulfide damages to the formation.


DIONIX™ is your safeguard against these risks, providing a quick-kill, effective, and inexpensive solution for maintaining the integrity of your facility

Remote Monitoring


Bosque Systems has developed a proprietary Remote Monitoring System for more effective data collection and improved performance on our stationary units. This self-contained system sends back real-time data regarding performance, treatment rates, external conditions, and any issues that may arise during operation of the unit. It also allows for remote control of the following functions:

     - On/Off

     - Flow rates

     - Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels in the water

     - Chemical treatment rates

DIONIX™ Express: Bosque Systems’ proprietary solution for quickly treating large frac water storage units

Bosque’s DIONIX™ Express is designed to treat large frac water holding tanks or ponds quickly with chlorine dioxide. These mobile units pump CIO2 to remediate out-of-control accumulations of bacteria, which can lead to iron sulfide, hydrogen sulfide souring, as well as downhole corrosion.

High-purity chlorine dioxide is produced through the controlled reaction of two precursors. One of the primary benefits of using chlorine dioxide is that it reacts less with organic matter present in the water, which is ideal for treating large water amounts of produced and flow back water.



     - Convenient and mobile 28’ DIONIX™ Express trailer allows for a small footprint on pad site

     - Periodic treatment (i.e. weekly dosing) is used instead of continuous treatment; This allows for a limited presence on

       site and no permanent equipment

     - Quick pumping time results in fewer man-hours and the ability to quickly deploy chemicals, saving both time and


     - EPA approved, fast-reacting biocide that is environmentally friendly and has a longer residual than traditional

       bleach-based biocides

     - DIONIX™ Express’s process is the safest way of generating chlorine dioxide on-site, with numerous safety

       shutdown components and procedures

     -  Two-precursor chemical design utilizes less harmful chemicals and is more cost-effective than traditional solutions

        and other chlorine dioxide systems

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