At Bosque Systems, we understand the importance of providing customized water management solutions to our customers. We work hand-in-hand with each client to determine the best customized solution based on their specific needs. We design solutions around each customer’s location, water quality and economic needs.  

Bosque is one of the few companies whose core business is not only the safe operation of saltwater disposal wells, but we also provide a variety of services including gathering systems, mobile water treatment, consulting and management solutions. As a result of its dedication to this niche of the oil and gas production industry, Bosque enjoys multiple advantages as compared to competitors.

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Saltwater Disposal and Gathering System Solutions

Bosque Systems provides targeted production-based disposal wells and gathering system solutions for the top oil and natural gas well operators, who have expressed a critical need for additional saltwater disposal well capacity.

  • Bosque is active in 5 major markets, including the Bakken, Barnett, Eagleford, Permian Basin, and Woodford regions
  • Bosque disposes over 54 Million BBLS of water per year
  • Bosque has developed multiple gathering systems for major operators totaling over 100,000 linear feet and manages over 10 Million BBLS of saltwater a year
  • Strategic location of operations to reduce truck costs, disturbance, and damages to the roads
  • All of Bosque’s Saltwater Disposal Facilities are built with redundant equipment to minimize downtime and increase efficiency for peak utilization

Bosque Systems utilizes speed and efficiency to specialize in turn-key gathering system construction. Our team will project manage design, right of way acquisition, material procurement, construction and testing of the gathering system to ensure a product that exceeds expectations. A team of committed internal project managers is capable of taking a project from inception to completion, based on each client’s specific needs.

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Mobile Water Treatment Solutions Using Chlorine Dioxide

Dionix Water Treatment

Bosque’s DIONIX™ system produces high purity Chlorine Dioxide. Benefits include:

  • EPA approved biocide for bacteria treatment in water
  • Effective, fast-reacting biocide that is environmentally friendly and has a longer residual than traditional bleach based biocides
  • DIONIX's process is the safest way of generating Chlorine Dioxide on site, with numerous safety shutdown components and procedures
  • Two precursor chemical design utilizes less harmful chemicals and is more cost-effective than traditional solutions and other Chlorine Dioxide systems
  • Convenient and mobile 30' DIONIX trailer allows for small footprint on pad site. The DIONIX system is also available as a stationary unit for treating Saltwater Disposal Facilities and reserve pits

Chlorine Dioxide is used in many industrial water treatment applications as a biocide. It is less corrosive than chlorine and superior for the control of legionella bacteria. One of the primary benefits of using Chlorine Dioxide is that it reacts less with organic matter present in the water, thus minimizing the formation of Trihalomethanes.

In addition to DIONIX, Bosque Systems provides other technologies when necessary to provide full water treatment solutions to oil and natural gas operators. Contact us for additional information or click the link below.

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